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Shinoe Purification Series-Silencer

The Shinoe Silencer Series ESP-600 Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner are designed for use in pub,club,cigar room,restaurants, conference rooms, lounges, and offices where overhead air cleaning is required. It removes airborne contaminants such as tobacco smoke and dust and even bio-aerosol from the air circulated through the unit. It consist of Shinoe Filtration System,carbon filter, which is effective in purifying almost all kinds of common odor and harmful pollutant gas such as VOC, formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. High quality quartz glass UVGI in the unit effectively disinfects all kind of microorganism such as bacteria and virus.

When the Shinoe Silencer Series ESP-600 is powered, the fan draws the contaminated air into the electronic air cleaner. Particles that are too small to be caught in the pre-filter are given an intense electrical charge in the ionizer section of the electronic cell. As the air passes through the collecting section of the cell, the charged particles adhere to the collector plates, which have a strong opposite charge. The cleaned air passes through the fan component and re-enters the building space.


  • Air quality sensor  with auto mode (energy saving) 

  • LED display on panel  showing  operation status

  • Remote controller for easy operation

  • Whirl fan with large CFM and low noise

  • Stronger and more comprehensive disinfection efficiency with four UV lamps

  • 12 layers pre-filter with anti-electromagnetic radiation

  • Metal framed activated carbon

  • High density ionizer for fresher air


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