Purification Process

Shinoe Patented Filtration System

Purification Stage

Purifying Stage 1 - 2 - 3

Stage 1   Shinoe Patented Filtration System

Shinoe Tech™ unique filtration system combines photocatalytic filter and activated carbon filter (in certain product) to eliminate foul odor and harmful chemical fumes in your homes.

Stage 2   Shinoe Patented Ultraviolet

Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

How effective is UVGI?
UVGI works as a mutagen to bacteria, viruses and other microorganism on a cellular level penetrating the cell wall.

Stage 3   Shinoe Patented Ionizer

How STI works? SHINOE Patented STI contains an electrically charged wire, which sends charged molecules into the air in your home. These molecules, or ions, interact with pollutants and dust particles in the air due to an electric attraction. By removing these particles from the air you breathe, STI improves air quality and reduces the amount of particulates that enter your lungs.

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