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LED 100

Shinoe Purification Series - Aseo

Shinoe LED100 is designed in mind to provide lightings and air purification simultaneously to achieve the cost saving purpose. It has a built-in LED downlight and combines three scientifically proven technologies - Shinoe Filtration System, Germicidal UVC, and STI Ionizer - to provide a safe effective and energy-efficient way to clean the air in rooms. Shinoe Aseo Series LED-100 reduces all three types of pollutants - particulates microorganisms and VOCS with its three stage purification technologies. Repeated ambient air is drawn though the air intake, past though Shinoe Filtration System, germicidal UVC lamp and STI Ionizer reducing airborne pathogens irritating odors, gaseous chemicals and particulates.


  • Shinoe Filtration System removes irritating smoke, odors and fumes. 

  • Germicidal UVC  destroys airborne bacteria, viruses and mold.

  • STI Ionizer neutralizes dust, allergens and airborne pollutants.

  • Indicator lights keeps services and maintenance on schedule.

  • Unit designed for easy part replacement.

  • Low noise level.


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