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VF 90 (II)

Shinoe Purification Series-Aseo

Shinoe ASEO VF90(II) is uniquely designed to clean indoor air which consists of UV light, Catalyst filter and STI ionizer work as a system to reduce odour, disinfect the air, and remove formaldehyde, benzene and VOCs operating efficiently overhead.

Shinoe ASEO VF90 Upgraded Version is ceiling mounted cassette type units which require no ducting providing hassle free installation and space saving. The louvers unique design creates an effective air flow pattern providing a highly efficient and cleaner air circulation throughout the entire environments.



 Special features built into the Shinoe Fresco VF 90 (II) ensure reliable operation:

  • A solid state power supply for consistent voltage output

  • lower power consumption at max 25W

  • A built-in performance indication lights (green/red) to ensure the continuous functionality of the system


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